18 June 2024
Alien Prey (1978)
85 min.
Directed by Norman J. Warren.
With Barry Stokes, Sally Faulkner, Glory Annen, Sandy Chimney.
Strange sci fi-themed horror.

Cannibal alien Stokes lands on Earth as a scout responsible for surveying our planet's environment, it's hospitality...and most importantly, our sources of food. He soon finds himself befriended by two eccentric lesbians living in wooded seclusion.

But how long will the flesh eating extraterrestrial be able to restrain himself before he indulges in some Sapphic hor d'oeuvres? Weird entry from the director of Terror (1978), this low budget effort isn't without some bizarre charms.

The makeup for Anders as vampire is generally workable, and the sex/rape/gnaw climax manages an odd kind of effective frenzy. Faulkner in particular is good as the aggressive and controlling Josephine. But whether or not she's a crazed murderess seems to take back seat to the fact that there's an alien in the house. Oh well.

Also known simply as Prey.

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