21 May 2024
Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)
107 min.
Directed by Alfred Sole.
With Paula Sheppard, Linda Miller, Niles McMaster, Brooks Shields, Rudolph Willrich, Mildred Clinton, Alphonse DeNoble, Tom Signorelli, Louisa Horton, Lillian Roth.
Disturbing Catholic shocker worth its weight in rosaries.

Pretty little Karen (Shields) is brutally strangled at holy communion, her lifeless body then stuffed in a pew bench and set aflame. Soon, a knife wielding maniac seems to be targeting various locals in the community. Could the killer be Karen's troubled, possibly psychopathic sister Alice (Sheppard)?

Excellent religious slasher benefits most from a solid storyline and good performances (Sheppard is outstanding as the offbeat Alice); the rainslicker/mask device works beautifully while the revelation of the murderer is a most delightful coup.

Best scene: the banging teeth shoe sequence...ouch. Also known as Communion.

Horror fans who covet such church splatter (you sickos) would also do well by director Pete Walker's excellent The Confessional (1975).

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